Do some of stone floors in your stores look dull? They are beautiful when installed, but if not properly cared for, the surface often becomes scratched and worn. You´ll be amazed at the difference some polish and restoration can look in making your stone shine again. Whether its limestone, terrazzo, granite or marble, ServiceNational has a team of cleaning technicians in most markets to make this happen for you.

Stone Floor Care

Here are the techniques we use to make your stone floors look new again:

Cleaning Removes dirt, stains, and bacteria as well as waxes and polymers embedded in the stone.

Sealing Protects and preserves natural stone using penetrating epoxies and impregnators.

Stripping Removes coatings that block the stones ability to breathe and may cause cracking.

Grinding Eliminates deep scratches and uneven edges. ServiceNational uses special grinders operated with water to eliminate dust.

Diamond PolishingEnhances the veining within marble floors and is used for protection in high-traffic and high-spill areas.

Grout CleaningServiceNational uses a patented system to eliminate contaminants from the micro pores in grout. We then seal the surface to facilitate long-term maintenance.

Ceramic – Thoroughly clean or remove old sealers, before re-applying a protector.