How you clean, and what you clean with, can have a big impact on maintaining healthy air quality and reducing sickness. This is why ServiceNational, through our Envirocare™ program, is such a strong proponent of earth-friendly cleaning practices, and biodegradable products derived from renewable plant sources. We also support ways to lengthen the life of your store furnishings to reduce the frequency of their replacement.

“Going Green” in our business involves using less toxic cleaning products, and adopting techniques and equipment that are more energy efficient to better air quality, reduce allergens, and improve the health of employees. It also means doing our job in a way that lowers harmful carbon emissions.

The methods used by ServiceNational are helpful for any built environment seeking a LEED designation (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) from the Canada Green Building Council . Benefits range from reduced energy cost, cleaner air, lower emissions and enhanced corporate reputation.

Leading with Envirocare

ServiceNational supports the industry-leading EnviroCare™ program through the use of environmentally responsible cleaning solutions. We examine the traffic flow in your store and the type and degree of soiling and wear on the floors. We then determine the best way to maintain the finishes in order to create a clean and healthy working environment for your customers and staff.