Insurance for our customers, and injury protection for our work teams are two areas that ServiceNational treats very seriously. Please see our policies for each of these priority areas:

Liability Insurance

You’re covered, too!
ServiceNational offers commercial general liability insurance to our retail customers by extending our coverage and naming them as “additional insured” parties on our policy.

Health & Safety

Here’s to our health
Our Health & Safety Policy states our commitment to workplace safety and health. It covers all aspects of our activities. In addition, it meets the requirements of the Canadian Occupational Health and Safety Act, as well as applicable provincial legislations.

ServiceNational is committed to making every reasonable effort to eliminate workplace hazards by integrating appropriate health and safety requirements into our maintenance activities. This includes project planning, implementation and operations.

Canadian Worker Safety Insurance

Workers Compensation Compliant

Worker Safety Insurance Boards have been set-up across Canada to administer the workers’ compensation legislation (i.e. the Workers’ Compensation Act) of the province/territory that they are in. This legislation is created by the provincial or territorial government and is administered by the Worker Compensation Board.

ServiceNational understands the importance of the Worker Insurance System in Canada and is proud of our compliance with these regulations. We are pleased to provide our customers with certificate copies if required.

Further, we ensure that our technicians receive up-to-date training.