Leading with Envirocare™

Interior Care created our industry-leading EnviroCare™ program with the goal of ensuring that the warranty on your carpet is protected using environmentally responsible cleaning solutions. We do this by examining the traffic flow and types of soiling found in the carpet. We then determine the best way to maintain the carpet in order to create a clean and healthy working environment for your staff. Some of this is accomplished through the use of HEPA filters on our vacuums, hypoallergenic cleaning fluids, and stain removers with a low hazard rating.

HEPA Filters

Carpet naturally accumulates dirt. Our deep vacuuming systems have HEPA filters that lift soil and dust, and then trap it to prevent the particles from becoming airborne again.


People with respiratory issues must also be considered. Our EnviroCare™ carpet cleaning systems use only hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly solutions to deep clean all types of carpet. In addition, our programs meet or exceed those set by the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC).

Low Hazard Ratings

All specialty products used by Interior Care to remove stains have low hazard ratings. If you’d prefer us to use only green products, we are happy to accommodate your request. However, the products currently available have limitations in their ability to accomplish a thorough cleaning. Our general policy is to, “Clean Green, but keep stains from being seen.”